Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Sporty Little Family

This week, Jillian moved up to a preschool class in gymnastics. The only major difference is that I am no longer down there with her. She's doing great and loves coach Emily!

I got my multi-sport season started with the BRC's Dash and Splash. It was just a 2-mile run and a 1/4 mile swim and there were a lot of teens in it doing it as a relay, but I came in first in my age group. OK, so there were only two of us in my group, but still!

We took in a Redbirds game with our friends, the Kearbey's. Funny story...Ryan and Taylor were in a playgroup togeher when they were 1-3. When I went back to work we lost touch. But now, they are on the same baseball team and we have reconnected! Having a lot of fun with them!

And Ryan wrapped up his basketball season this weekend:

They finally won a game and we were all so excited!

So coach took them out for ice cream!

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