Monday, February 20, 2012

Bonus Room

Now that I am not a Creative Memories consultant anymore, I am trying to redo the bonus room so it's more family friendly. I am still keeping my crafting area and an arts and crafts area for the kids, but we are making room for a possible train set and leaving the main area open to build blocks, set up car tracks or Thomas tracks (all things we can't do in the living room anymore because Bentley will eat the toys), or set up play houses and tents!

This one is from Grammy and Grandad. All the others are tents they've acquired over the years:

Good times in the bonus room!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

I love Valentine's Day, but I love it for all the little, thoughtful ways you can show someone you love them. I do not love it so that someone will buy me a big expensive diamond and I do not love it enough to wait two hours to eat dinner out. So my family has it's own little traditions. Which had to be squeezed in this year since Valentine's Day was on an ordinary Tuesday when Scott and I already had our regular Tuesday night tickets to a show at the Orpheum and we found out that Ryan's first basketball practice would be that night!

When the kids got home, we quickly did their traditional scavenger hunt (my mom started this with my sister and I when we were little).

It is so fun to do it now when Ryan can read and figure out the clues:

Jillian even figured out one that Ryan misinterpretted and found the next clue! The final prize was out in the garage:

New books for everyone:

Except me, I got Gigi's cupcakes! They are so huge, Scott and I had to split one!

And what better way to say Happy Valentine's Day than with basketball?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Since they were both dressed so nice (even got a bow in Jillian's hair!), I thought I'd try and get a few good shots for Valentine's Day.

Here are a few more:

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Buzz Cut

Ever since his buddy came back to school last August with a buzz cut, Ryan has wanted one. I told him he could do it next summer (that's what summer's for, right?). Scott convinced me to do it earlier, so the first cut after the holidays, here we go!

Before (nice long locks of hair!):

His friend, Joshua's mom cuts his hair. I was totaly ok with it, but she kept getting sad!

This is the point where he told her he didn't think this was a buzz cut (she was keeping the top a little longer):


That's a lot of hair!

Truthfully, when I went in to kiss him goodnight tonight, I didn't really recognize him!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

First Hair Cut!

Jillian did not have hair for the first year and a half of her life. It has grown in fine and slow. It has sweet curls at the bottom. I have been so hesitant to cut it.

But it's gotten a bit unruly. And, as with my own hair, when there are more days that I don't like it than days I do, I know it's time!

I was also a little fearful because our first experiences with Ryan's haircuts were not fun! Once we actually had to hold him in the chair!

But, my friend Holly (my first hair dresser when I moved to Memphis) has gotten back into cutting hair here in town, and I knew she'd do a great job and keep Jillian looking cute! I talked it up to Jillian all week "you're going to sit in a chair and Miss Holly's going to snip, snip" and she was so excited! So the haircut was a piece of cake!

She neatened up her bangs, added a bit of layers and trimmed just a bit off the back. I don't think she looks much different:

Thursday, February 02, 2012


Jillian's getting braver! holding on to the high bar in gymnastics! Listen carefully to the end of the video and you'll hear her latest's very deep and hilarious...I have to get that on video sometime, too!