Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Happenings

Good times were had over Thanksgiving weekend. Here they are in totally random order:

Everyone loved Grandad's ipad:

We painted nails (clear):

We cuddled:

We (I mean Scott and Ryan) cooked a turkey:

We cleaned:

We put up our first artificial tree (and love it! If I can't go cut down an adequate one, I'm in for this!):

We went for a hike in Stanky Creek:

And plated with instagram after the hike:

We visited with some friends (and friends-of-friends) who were in town for the holidays:

We got into Vaseline and hair accessories:

We played Battleship:

We had tea parties:

We dissected turkey parts:

We loved on Casey:

And played tug of war:

We sat outside by the fire pit:

And watched football from outside:

 We played at Shelby farms:

We went swimming (ok, Casey went swimming) for the first time:

Although Bentley was having no part of it!

Getting clean afterwards:

And we celebrated Scott's birthday!

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