Friday, December 23, 2011

Next Up: Charlotte

We spent most of the week before Christmas in Charlotte with my folks. Scott visited his properties, we hung out, did last minute Christmas shopping, lots of crafts, and played with new toys:

Where's Jillian?


One thing I made while here is this shirt I'd seen on pinterest. My friend Gretchen made one for her daughter, but she is a better seamstress than I and fused then sewed her ribbon on. She gave me the ribbon (thanks Gretchen!) and I opted to glue it on with fabric glue. Here's hoping it holds up!

I also convinvced Jillian to wear a bow!

We went out carolling (I havent' done that since girl scouts!). It was a very mild night and my aunt drove some of the ladies around in her convertible:

Others of us walked or rode in the wagon:

Ryan rang the doorbells:

The last day before we left, the kids and I went to the Reedy Creek Nature Preserve for a winter nature hike and scavenger hunt. It was nice to have a little time outside and we learned about fungus!

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