Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK Day On!

My school, St. George's sponsers MLK Day On (as opposed to day off) and offers a number of service opportunities for anyone who is interested. I showed the list to Ryan and ask him to pick one for us to do. He selected helping out at Shelby Farms and after getting the ok to go wiht young kids, off we went!

They had us clearing brush that had been cut in a one-two acre section of woods by the dog park. It was very cool to see both of them so involved:

Jillian only lasted about 20 minutes, but then she amused herself playing with my phone until we were done. Ryan helped the whole time and had fun chatting with the 6th grade boys who had come along.

A job well done! I love exposing my kids to volunteering, especially when we can do it together!

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Katy said...

It's so cool that you guys did this! I love that the kiddos were so into it. Great mom skills!