Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After Christmas

Another easy going day. The kids played around the house.

Ryan wants a DS, and it seems that Jillian likes them too!

My niece, Kate was patient when I said, "Hold on! That's some good light!" and proceeded to adjust my camera and take like 20 shots. It was worth it!

Kate, Cheryl, Ryan and I went ice skating. Ryan did great for his second time! He hung on to the wall the first couple times around, but then got going!

Kate spent a lot of time on the ice, but always got up! We discovered by the end that is we kept her focused on something in front of her (like her aunt skating ahead), she was much more steady

Notice how it looks like he's running?

Meanwhile, Everyone else went bowling:

Later, we went out for sushi! There were so many of us eating it that it came in a boat!

Alex didn't get ice cream today like everyone else, so Scott & I snuck him in some Ben & Jerry's later that night!

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