Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in Maryland

I don't think I have gotten a good Christmas morning picture yet! Doesn't she look excited?

After reading the Christmas gospel, the kids dove into their stockings:

The tree looked so nice!

Santa brought Jillian some leotards for "nastics":

a tinkerbell sweatshirt:

and the baby she asked for (in her arms):

Ryan got a fingerprint art book:

 a robe, some new glow-in-the dark sheets, and a set of Roald Dahl books.

Later, we played games:

Can't beleive my nephews are freshmen in high school this year!

Watched games:

And played family Minute to Win it!

THe first contest was a marshmallow toss:

Matt was the only one to get it in!

Next up was cup stacking. I went first (no one got my picture), followed by Rachel who beat me by one cup!

Sadly, Gene beat her by one, as well. Apparently, it is good to go last.

Which was good for team Beatty in the final event! Team Sprouse was off to a good start:

but faltered and didn't have any ornaments hanging when the minute was up. After a hotly-contested disqualification by the Foley's, all team Beatty needed was one to win.  We put up our one set and let the clock run out.

After which, we showed our talents to hang all 5 sets without any falling.

Santa, finished with his busy night, came back to visit us again. There was no hesitation by Ryan, who immediately knew it was Grandad.

And maybe Jillian sensed it too, because she got about as close and friendly with him as she had with any Santa this season, showing him her doll and thanking him.

Later, he stuck around while we opened other presents and she went over on her own to show him what she had received!

The best part of the night was that the kids all ate together and even my little ones didn't need too much of our attention, leaving us to enjoy the laughs with the rest of the grown ups.

A very good day indeed!


nanny said...

Loved everything you posted from Oct thru Christmas. What fun times and great pictures! Love, Nanny

JenniferL. said...

I would love family minute to win it games! Wonder if I can get my family to play that for our next gathering?!