Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Tortoise Versus the Hare

I finally talked Ryan into trying out for a play and it was a GREAT experience for him! The Missoula Children's Theatre came to St. Francis for one week to audition, practice, and put on a show for students in grades K-8. Monday was try out day. We had talked about what kinds of things he could do to help his chances (being happy and positive, listening and following directions), but I was nervous because I had heard that a few kindergartners that had tried out last year didn't make it. Here we are waiting for the announcement:

He (and I think all the 1st graders who tried out) got a part! He's in Curly's Fan Club. He had practice a few days after school, and then on Friday night, we all went to see him:

Here's the whole fan club:

One of the MCT folks (JT) is a guy I used to tutor with (whose real passion is theatre). Ryan really liked him and it was great to see him enjoying his new job!

The story was a spin on the toroise and the hare, and Ryan's fan club came on stage everytime one of the actors said "race time" to sing this:

The MCT did a great job and it didn't cost us anything for Ryan to do it. I hope he decides to do it again sometime!

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