Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jillian's Take on a few Christmas Favorites

Jingle Bells:

And a line from Polar Express:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Magical Birthday Snow

Not sure it's ever snowed this early since we've lived in Memphis. So it must have been magical birthday snow just for Scott!

Scot did not get a typical birthday cake this year...he had an apple pie over the weekend with family and tonight we had fruit tarts and cannolis:

Opened presents:

The kids tried on his new puppy dog pj's. And shook their booties:

Happy Birthday Scott!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Happenings

Good times were had over Thanksgiving weekend. Here they are in totally random order:

Everyone loved Grandad's ipad:

We painted nails (clear):

We cuddled:

We (I mean Scott and Ryan) cooked a turkey:

We cleaned:

We put up our first artificial tree (and love it! If I can't go cut down an adequate one, I'm in for this!):

We went for a hike in Stanky Creek:

And plated with instagram after the hike:

We visited with some friends (and friends-of-friends) who were in town for the holidays:

We got into Vaseline and hair accessories:

We played Battleship:

We had tea parties:

We dissected turkey parts:

We loved on Casey:

And played tug of war:

We sat outside by the fire pit:

And watched football from outside:

 We played at Shelby farms:

We went swimming (ok, Casey went swimming) for the first time:

Although Bentley was having no part of it!

Getting clean afterwards:

And we celebrated Scott's birthday!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


It's kind of hard to hear her, but I don't ever want to forget what Jillian called roosters when she was 2 and a half.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ryan had his soccer banquet Wednesday night. It was a fun season!

 Thursday in school, Mrs. Beer pulled his second loose tooth!

 And tonight, RYan's friend Jared (from soccer, above), joined us to watch St. George's beat Harding Academy for a trip to the state championship football game!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Tortoise Versus the Hare

I finally talked Ryan into trying out for a play and it was a GREAT experience for him! The Missoula Children's Theatre came to St. Francis for one week to audition, practice, and put on a show for students in grades K-8. Monday was try out day. We had talked about what kinds of things he could do to help his chances (being happy and positive, listening and following directions), but I was nervous because I had heard that a few kindergartners that had tried out last year didn't make it. Here we are waiting for the announcement:

He (and I think all the 1st graders who tried out) got a part! He's in Curly's Fan Club. He had practice a few days after school, and then on Friday night, we all went to see him:

Here's the whole fan club:

One of the MCT folks (JT) is a guy I used to tutor with (whose real passion is theatre). Ryan really liked him and it was great to see him enjoying his new job!

The story was a spin on the toroise and the hare, and Ryan's fan club came on stage everytime one of the actors said "race time" to sing this:

The MCT did a great job and it didn't cost us anything for Ryan to do it. I hope he decides to do it again sometime!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Look what Miss Kelly did to Jillian's hair today!Not sure what's cuterm the braids or her smile!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Today, my family humored me as we did our annual Christmas cards photo shoot. I thought this field at Shelby Farms might be a good spot and that the hay could be a good back drop. Tried out some "poses" I'd seen on photography blogs.

I like the idea of the family all standing, but it didn't work out too well. Not sure why...maybe too far away?

Got this cute one:

Next we tried sitting down. This one probably would have been it if Bentley hadn't been blocking Ryan's face. Don't be surprised if you see this pose in the future...I like the composition.

Being silly...the timer feature can takeup to 10 consecutive pictures.

Trying to get two kids and a dog to sit still and look at the camera may be impossible!

We have a winner!

A few good individual shots (no tripod or timer necessary):

Ryan took control of the camera for a bit:

And got this shot that I LOVE! The color, the angle, the composition! It's just a fun, whimsical shot (which is why it's now my FB photo!):

Why, yes, I'll wear your glasses, Mama. Do you mind if I wear them upside-down? It's the only way to go!

Over to the dog park. Caught some "God light."

And a parting shot: