Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shelby Farms and a Second Helping of Halloween

Five years ago, when they came to visit, the playground at Shelby Farms and Cory looked like this:

Now, they look like this:






All three kiddos on the basket swing:

Ryan and his godfather did some climbing:

Me and the kids crossing our fingers to avoid the many "cheese touches" that were going around all weekend:

Cute family:


This is to replace the five year old picture on my refrigerator that Jillian is missing from:

Me and my Bud:



I do believe this park is my favorite place to take pictures!

Then it was off to the dog park. We let Bentley off his leash for the first time and he did great! He still doesn't really come when we call, but he stayed in the area where we were and didn't get into it (other than sniffing) with other dogs).

The lake at the park:

Later today, we participated in our neighborhood's annual Halloween Parade:

Super Bentley came along, too!

The friend who used to organize it moved away (to Maryland!), so we took a picture in front of her house for her:

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