Sunday, October 02, 2011

Jillian's First Camping Trip!

After getting Scott a new, bigger tent for Father's Day, we had a long hot summer with no chance of using it. We finally found a weekend with no soccer to try it out.

The tent's great! Definitely big enough for all of us, plus Bentley!

There's a doggie door (or a Jillian door) for him, too! Who knew?

Dinner by lantern:

Someone likes camping:

She went to bed just fine and the rest of us hung out by the fire:

Cold night and morning, means a second fire:

Other than barking at all the people who walked by late at night, Bentley did well, too!

Pancakes anyone?

Yes, please!

Cold girl:

Practicing her "nastics":

Great family camping trip!

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