Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Part 3

Ryan's class party was after I finished teaching for the day, so I got to go check out the fun!

Ryan and his buddy Joshua:

Mrs. Beer playing along with the room mom to show the kids how to play the "guess what Halloween picture's on my back" game:

Ryan's picture:

First grade vampires:
Back at home:

Ready to go Trick-or-Treating! At the last minute we added the tiara and turned Jillian into a Princess Zombie. So much cooler, don't you think?
The house all decked out:
After trick-or-treating, Ryan likes to hand out some of the candy:
Who needs brains, when you've got Kit Kats?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shelby Farms and a Second Helping of Halloween

Five years ago, when they came to visit, the playground at Shelby Farms and Cory looked like this:

Now, they look like this:






All three kiddos on the basket swing:

Ryan and his godfather did some climbing:

Me and the kids crossing our fingers to avoid the many "cheese touches" that were going around all weekend:

Cute family:


This is to replace the five year old picture on my refrigerator that Jillian is missing from:

Me and my Bud:



I do believe this park is my favorite place to take pictures!

Then it was off to the dog park. We let Bentley off his leash for the first time and he did great! He still doesn't really come when we call, but he stayed in the area where we were and didn't get into it (other than sniffing) with other dogs).

The lake at the park:

Later today, we participated in our neighborhood's annual Halloween Parade:

Super Bentley came along, too!

The friend who used to organize it moved away (to Maryland!), so we took a picture in front of her house for her:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Zoo Boo!

Cory, John, and Noah joined us at Zoo Boo! Noah borrowed some of Ryan's dress up clothes and Ryan and Jillian tried out their Zombie outfuts for the first time. Ryan kept asking the volunteers hading out candy if he could have their brains!

A Visit with Friends!

Cory and John and Noah came to visit us this weekend!! They have not been down to Memphis since before Noah was born and we are so thankful that they made the trip!!

Scott picked them up at the airport and took them around town a bit, ending at my school, where I wasjust finishing up and got to go home with them!

Saturday morning, we all went to Ryan's soccer game:

Stopped by Goodwill on the way home for part of Ryan's halloween costume, and found this big truck for "Big John":

and Little Ryan:

Ryan and Noah had a great time playing together. Aunt Cory joined them for a game:

Here, they were working on the car:

The new Christmas tree Scott ordered came on Saturday, so they helped us assemble it. Don't worry, we took it down afterward!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boosterthon Fun Run

Many thanks to those of you who donated to Ryan's Fun Run at school. He had a great time running it! First up were the kindergartners, and our friend Claire:

Ryan and the other first graders cheered them on as they ran and offered high fives:

Then it was times for the first graders!

The teachers marked off their shirts every lap:

Happy fun runner:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Big Girl Bed

Jillian has not even attmepted to climb out of her crib. But, the talk has turned to "Big Girl Beds." She sleeps in a bed at her sitter's house for naps. And while on a recent trip, she and Ryan shared a hotel double bed successfully for the first time:

I was all set to get a new twin bed for her around Thanksgiving (it was also going to help us sleep all the visitors we have coming), but Scott had this idea instead:

Now, this is not a modern day, convertible crib. This crib was my mother's. But it worked! And someone will tell anyone who listens about her "Big Girl Bed."