Monday, September 05, 2011

Seattle: Day 3

This morning we hopped on the ferry to Bainbridge, then drove to Port Townsend:

Great way to get a view of the Seattle skyline:

The view from the restaurant where I had a salmon BLT for lunch:

Saw a lighthouse:

Played with Instamatic on my phone:

Found a spot that would have been great for a full family shot had my full family been with me:

Put our toes in Puget Sound:

Then headed back on the ferry. As we pulled out of Bainbridge, I started taking pictures thinking how beautiful the point was with the moon:

So pretty:

Then I looked closer and BAM!

Noticed that the mountain was finally really out. When you finally see it as big as it is in Seattle, it's amazing!

Here's me and the mountain:

Hmm...what else can we get in the picture with the mountain? How about the Seattle skyline and the mountain? OK.

This is the view from Kerry Park. And we werenot the only ones up there enjoying the evening view. Lots of photographers. There were two who were kind of sneaking around not looking at the sunset, but looking at the attractive couple all dressed up watching the sunset. OMG! He's going to propose! And she nodded yes. And the sneaky people got pictures of their now engaged friends. Awesome!

And Katy got this shot of me, the mountain, and the skyline!

Then the mountain turned pink:

And I got a shot of the mountain, the skyline and the moon:

What more could you want from a day in Washington?

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