Sunday, September 04, 2011

Seattle: Day 2

On day 2, we did a proper tour of Seattle. Parked down by the waterfront, then headed up to the famous Pike Place Market. Oh to be able to shop there anytime I wanted!

When you go in under this sign, one of the first things you see is the famous fish guys who throw fish.

And though the market has a lot of fish:

and other creatures from the sea:

it is also full of colorful flowers:


and other colorful items grown and created:

There were lots of performance artisits, including this gentleman playing "Rocky Top":

outside of a place many of you will be so excited to see (although I don't particularly care): The ORIGINAL Starbucks:

Then it was over to a mall (Sorry, Kate, can't remember the name...West Lakes? West View?) where there were some delightful stores full of yummy handmade and cool items. Spent awhile there, and then hopped on the monorail :

To the Space Needle!

Side story: On one of only two trips I have taken to NYC in my life, Cory, John, Scott and I walked through the lobby of tower 1 of the World Trade Center. We were cheap and elected not to pay the $11 to go up to the observatory and instead went downstairs and had Ben & Jerry's in the little mall under the World Trade Center.

So, when Katy asked, "Are you sure you want to go up in this?" I did not hesitate to say,"Of course!"

And up we went! Here's "The Mountain." That would be Mt. Ranier, which hadn't really been "out" much since my arrival.

The Real World Seattle house (and we did drive and walk by where "the slap" occurred, but did not renact it):

Back down on earth, we took a few more pictures:

We walked over to the Sculpture garden and got this shot:

Wandered around the waterfront and had a yummy seafood dinner. On the way home, Katy showed me the Freemont troll:

Katy set me free for a few hours Sunday night to have dinner with an old friend from middle/high school and his wife. It was a ton of fun to catch up, and I cant wait to bring my kids back to play with theirs! I am very disappointed to say I did not take a picture of the three of us. :(

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