Saturday, September 03, 2011

Seattle: Day 1

My first full day visiting Katy in Seattle, I convinced her to take me to Oregon. I mean, it's only 3 hours away!

And right over the border is the beautiful Columbia River Gorge! We first traveled up to Larch Mountain Lookout where you can usually see 5 peaks. That orange haze you's not a bad camera. There were forest fires about 100 miles away. So you can't see the three mountains behind me.

I think this is Mt Ranier:

And I'm pretty sure this is Mt. St. Helen's (can't wait to come back and take the kids here!):

Then it was off along the Columbia River Highway, starting off at the Vista House:

Along this road, there are a bunch of beautful waterfalls. First up...


Not quite as high and majestic, butstill...

We somehow missed Bridal Veil Falls (guess I'll have to go back!), so next it was...

The most popular waterfall is easily accessible from the highway, so it meant a lot more people. You may have seen photos of this one before...

Absolutely magnificent, even with the crowd:

I started hiking up, but it was getting late, so again, something for my next trip. On the way back down:

This is Oneonta Gorge. We think there's a beautiful waterfall back there, but didn't come prepared to climb over the log jam and through waist deep water. In the meantime, check out how lush it is!

A great day in Oregon!

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