Friday, September 09, 2011

The Delta Fair

We missed it last year, but Ryan and I made it to the Delta Fair this year! I am so glad someone in my family likes to go ride rides and eat fairfood!

We got in and got our hand stamps:

Ryan needed to ease into it this year, starting with the small swings.

Then we rode the spider:

I think he ran through every fun house they had:

The little roller coaster (we got the front seat!):

The bigger swings (took a little convincing):

We rode another bigger coaster that Ryan had ridden with me a a few years ago, then he was just brav enough to ride my favorite:

This one's not bad in terms of hills, but the way it goes around the corners makes it a little scarey!

Last up is our traditional ferris wheel ride. I layed around with my automatic settings a little:

On the way out, Ryan rode the slide:

And got locked up in Davey Jones' Locker:

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