Saturday, September 24, 2011


Soccer brought some changes this year. We're still playing with Arlington, but we're trying something a little more challenging. First change: summer practices. The first and second graders practiced together over the summer:

Next change: a paid coach (who happens to also be the dad of one of our players). My understanding is he played college ball and MLS until he got hurt.

We are not a traveling team...we still play the other rec teams, but the coach has been teaching them moves and drills and Ryan's making a lot of progress.

Taking a pass from his buddy Jared:


One of the new moves the coach encourages them to use:

Playing goalie:

Big kick:

Throw in:

Friday, September 23, 2011

St. George's Homecoming

I took the kids to St. George's homecoming game tonight. Hung out with Heidi:

And Jillian hung out with Xander:

The homecoming princesses:

And a few alumni:

Heidi with a former student who is now teaching at St. George's:

More alumni with Mr. Philpott:

I have a cute shot of Ryan on my shoulders like this from a few yers ago:

St. George's fans:

More fans: Ian, Aidan, Heidi and Xander:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


After taking the summer off, Jillian has started back into toddler gymnastics. I was amazed how she progressed last spring, but even more so to see how much she'll do now that she wouldn't do in the spring.

She's walking her feet up the mat to do somewhat of a handstand:

Climbing the cargo net:

Swinging on the rings:

Hanging from the bars with Coach Katie:

Bat hang:

Cimbing up the cargo net on the inflatable slide (and sliding down the other side):

And jumping! Like crazy! Off of things, into the foam pit, on the trampoline. Amazing!

She loves her "nastics"!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


A whole bunch of things came together to get me to Minneapolis this weekend. Kellie was moving to Iowa, she and Sarah realized that it was cheaper to fly into Minneapolis (only 3 hours away from Kellie's new home) than Des Moines, and Archiver's was hosting Scrapfest at the Mall of America. Why not have a girl's weekend?

Sarah and I flew up to Minneapolis, and Kellie drove in. Once we met, we headed to the mall for some make and takes at the vendors' booths:

We weren't quite sure what to expect and with airfare and hotel, we were being a little cheap, so we only took one class. Turns out we got our money's worth back in product! We will take more in the future! Here we are in the Bella Blvd class:

There were some scrapping celebrities on hand. Heidi Swapp:

Tim Holtz:

And the only one I really cared to have my picture with: Elizabeth Karchner:

Becky Higgins stopped by at some poitn too, and I am sad to have missed bumping into her!!

The whole weekend was about standing in lines. We heard the line at one booth (Little Yellow Bicycle) was over 2 hours long! Some woman brought folding chairs to sit on in line!

There was even a line at the Archiver's store (but that one moved quickly!):

Saturday night, Kellie and Sarah humored me and we drove to Wisconsin so I could get a new state. I now have all the states east of the Mississippi!

As long as we were at the Mall of America, we might as well do some Mall of America things. We hit the boot store a few times:

We planked:

We rode a ride:

We got our picture taken in a shark tank:

Checked out the lego store:

And on the last day, we went back to the Echo Park booth for their final door prize drawing:

I happened to catch a check in from an old school friend who lives in California that she was going to be in Minneapolis that weekend too. We worked it out to have breakfast on Sunday morning and it was so good to catch up with her! Haven't seen each other in almost 20 years!

Friday, September 09, 2011

The Delta Fair

We missed it last year, but Ryan and I made it to the Delta Fair this year! I am so glad someone in my family likes to go ride rides and eat fairfood!

We got in and got our hand stamps:

Ryan needed to ease into it this year, starting with the small swings.

Then we rode the spider:

I think he ran through every fun house they had:

The little roller coaster (we got the front seat!):

The bigger swings (took a little convincing):

We rode another bigger coaster that Ryan had ridden with me a a few years ago, then he was just brav enough to ride my favorite:

This one's not bad in terms of hills, but the way it goes around the corners makes it a little scarey!

Last up is our traditional ferris wheel ride. I layed around with my automatic settings a little:

On the way out, Ryan rode the slide:

And got locked up in Davey Jones' Locker: