Monday, August 22, 2011

Our New Dog?

After visiting with the dogs at the special adoption event at Petsmart last weekend, the boys may have convinced me to get a dog. We checked on the internet for small dogs and discovered Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I thought they soundd like a good fit for us, but the pure breds were kind of pricey and we kind of wanted to support a rescue dog.

Then Scott found a spaniel/pekingnese mix near us whose owner didn't have time/space for an enthusiastic dog. We went down to meet him on Tuesday, and ended up getting him for a weekend visit Saturday.

Meet Bentley:

On the way home we took him for a walk at Patriot Lake:

Ryan loves him and he seems to like us ok so far.

We introduced him to Aunt Katy on Skype:

He took a bath with Jillian:

Sems to like hanging out with Scott:

And definitely loves our fenced in backyard:

We interupt this post on Bentley to bring you fishy kisses from Jillian:

And now more Bentley:

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