Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Joys of Summer: Old and New Haunts

We braved the high Memphis temps today for an early trip to the zoo with our friends Heidi, Aiden and Xander. We hit the Animals of the Night exhibit first and were treated to the animals with the lights up! Since they are nocturnal, the zoo has reveresed their sleep patterns and the lights are always off when you come during the day. We could actually see many of the animals this time (although many were still sleeping):

Jillian wanted to see the "oooh-ooh, aaah-ahs" (monkeys). Ryan:


And Aiden:

The kids were hot (we spent some time in the air conditioned Polar Bear area just after this):

Watching for sea lions:

And over at Teton Trek, I should have known better than telling a 2-year-old just to get her feet wet:

We had no plans for afterwards, and Heidi suggested trying Jerry's Sno Cones which we had never been to. Wow! It was awesome and only 13 minutes from our house! We will be going back!

Cherry makes your teeth red:

Getting every last drop:

Strawberry makes your whole face red:

But grape, apparently doesn't:

Even Xander enjoyed it!

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nanny said...

Mommy, you should know by now what happens when you get Jillian anywhere near water!!!!!