Friday, August 12, 2011

End of Summer Odds and Ends

I got ahold of Scott's phone tonight and found a bunch of pictures that he took this summer. Those and some others that didn't fit into our summer posts seem a fitting way to bid farewell to summer as I go back to school on Monday.

Two kids on a plane:

And picking up a new state (Utah) on the way home:

Fun California license plate from Aunt Sandy:

It wasn't all fighting between my little ones this summer. Here, Ryan shared his drink:

Shopping at Home Goods in Northern Virginia:

Using Ryan's flashlight as a microphone:

Touring the Pink Palace with Nanny and Gramps (saw the Tahiti IMAX movie, too):

New Tinkerbell pj's from Nanny and Gramps:

In the waning weeks of summer, with our trips finished and temps in the upper 90's, I was pulling out all the stops to keep them entertained and out of my hair. Setting this up kept them busy for most of a Sunday afternoon:

And later the same week, Ryan pulled out his trains. He did the whole set up on his own, didn't get frustrated, and was so excited to share it with Jillian when she woke up from her nap! I took this as they played together to remind myself that they do get along most of the time:

Jillian at the cabin in Greer's Ferry:

Scott gave me a break the other evening and the three of them got creative with Jillian's blocks:

So I'm ok with the end of summer (especially if it means saying adios to the heat!). I feel like it's been a full, fun summer and I am so thankful for everything we got to do and everyone we got to see. Here's to a great school year!


nanny said...

It goes by fast when you are having fun. Thanks for the "rap-up" memories!

Katy Tomasulo said...

Amy, Jillian looks more and more like you every day.