Wednesday, August 31, 2011

End of August

While Scott was out of town and Ryan at a slumber party, Jillian and I got some Yolo on the Collierville Town Square. She likes m&m's on top!

Saturday night, I did a midnight bike ride through Memphis (with over 1000 other people, including Ian Rubin de la Borbolla, my friend Heidi's husband). It was! Can't wait to try it again next year with Scott & Heidi!

Jillian tried out a single ponytail:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Our New Dog?

After visiting with the dogs at the special adoption event at Petsmart last weekend, the boys may have convinced me to get a dog. We checked on the internet for small dogs and discovered Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I thought they soundd like a good fit for us, but the pure breds were kind of pricey and we kind of wanted to support a rescue dog.

Then Scott found a spaniel/pekingnese mix near us whose owner didn't have time/space for an enthusiastic dog. We went down to meet him on Tuesday, and ended up getting him for a weekend visit Saturday.

Meet Bentley:

On the way home we took him for a walk at Patriot Lake:

Ryan loves him and he seems to like us ok so far.

We introduced him to Aunt Katy on Skype:

He took a bath with Jillian:

Sems to like hanging out with Scott:

And definitely loves our fenced in backyard:

We interupt this post on Bentley to bring you fishy kisses from Jillian:

And now more Bentley:

Friday, August 12, 2011

End of Summer Odds and Ends

I got ahold of Scott's phone tonight and found a bunch of pictures that he took this summer. Those and some others that didn't fit into our summer posts seem a fitting way to bid farewell to summer as I go back to school on Monday.

Two kids on a plane:

And picking up a new state (Utah) on the way home:

Fun California license plate from Aunt Sandy:

It wasn't all fighting between my little ones this summer. Here, Ryan shared his drink:

Shopping at Home Goods in Northern Virginia:

Using Ryan's flashlight as a microphone:

Touring the Pink Palace with Nanny and Gramps (saw the Tahiti IMAX movie, too):

New Tinkerbell pj's from Nanny and Gramps:

In the waning weeks of summer, with our trips finished and temps in the upper 90's, I was pulling out all the stops to keep them entertained and out of my hair. Setting this up kept them busy for most of a Sunday afternoon:

And later the same week, Ryan pulled out his trains. He did the whole set up on his own, didn't get frustrated, and was so excited to share it with Jillian when she woke up from her nap! I took this as they played together to remind myself that they do get along most of the time:

Jillian at the cabin in Greer's Ferry:

Scott gave me a break the other evening and the three of them got creative with Jillian's blocks:

So I'm ok with the end of summer (especially if it means saying adios to the heat!). I feel like it's been a full, fun summer and I am so thankful for everything we got to do and everyone we got to see. Here's to a great school year!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day of First Grade!

Ryan commented this morning how good he looks in his uniform! Must be the tan. Here's my only good shot from the day:

Here, Jillian imitates her big brother's usually sullen expression in pictures:

Ryan's very excited that one of his best buds, Joshua, is in his class. Not excited enough to really pose with him, but oh well!

Two things I most want to remember about today: Ryan taking my hand as we crossed the street to the school this morning and him telling me when I picked him up that he "loved first grade!"

Sunday, August 07, 2011

More Greer's Ferry

A few more of us out on the boat:

This morning, I took my early risers out to try and find Bridal Veil Falls. The parking area was well marked, but not the trails. We wandered for awhile and found some neat rock formations:

Finally found a viewing platform and figured the falls must be close.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much water falling. We didn't trek down to the bottom (it was over 100 degrees in Greer's Ferry this weekend!), but hope go back sometime after it rains!

One more trip out on the boat before heading home. Ryan has become quite the first mate, helping Matt when we left the marina and returned.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Joys of Summer: Greer's Ferry Lake

Out on the boat last night and again tonight. It's amazingly hot here, but on the water, there's a breeze and it's been quite choppy. The water is quite pleasant.

Aunt Barb taught Jillian how to work the shades and pose like a movie star:

And no one had to show her how to jump in! She's just as fearless on the boat as she is at the pool!

The whole family in Greer's Ferry Lake:

Tired bunch:

Video from Barb:

Thursday, August 04, 2011

More Swimming Lessons

While Ryan does swimming lessons, Scott works out and Jillian and I "swim in da big pool!" The car wash:

The shower:

Jumping off the side:

I love that there is such a big 2 1/2 foot deep area that she can play in:

A little Jillian video:

Meanwhile, Ryan works on his breast stroke:

And his crawl:

Then they practiced saving the swimming instructor:

And we found out that my little bean fits inside a locker:

The Joys of Summer: Old and New Haunts

We braved the high Memphis temps today for an early trip to the zoo with our friends Heidi, Aiden and Xander. We hit the Animals of the Night exhibit first and were treated to the animals with the lights up! Since they are nocturnal, the zoo has reveresed their sleep patterns and the lights are always off when you come during the day. We could actually see many of the animals this time (although many were still sleeping):

Jillian wanted to see the "oooh-ooh, aaah-ahs" (monkeys). Ryan:


And Aiden:

The kids were hot (we spent some time in the air conditioned Polar Bear area just after this):

Watching for sea lions:

And over at Teton Trek, I should have known better than telling a 2-year-old just to get her feet wet:

We had no plans for afterwards, and Heidi suggested trying Jerry's Sno Cones which we had never been to. Wow! It was awesome and only 13 minutes from our house! We will be going back!

Cherry makes your teeth red:

Getting every last drop:

Strawberry makes your whole face red:

But grape, apparently doesn't:

Even Xander enjoyed it!