Saturday, July 30, 2011


I never thought I was the type to run a marathon (4 hours of running just doesn't sound fun to me!), but a few years ago I thought a triathlon might be a physical challenge I could reach for. Last year I heard about the Annie Oakley Super Sprint Triathlon. It is a female only race. It is a 400 m lake swim, 11 mile road bike, and 2 mile trail run. I knew I could do all those things separately, maybe I could put them together in one race.

So in January I started swimming at school. My goal was once a week, but it probably was more like once a month. I was biking at least once a week and running when I could. In May and June I really picked it up, running 2-3 times a week, biking 2 times a week, and swimming when I could. I really thought I could do this!

After the 5K in July I started to question if I could really do this. I bought a road bike from a friend and that brought a new set of insecurities because it had clip in pedals and my first ride I fell twice.

The week before the race, I came to terms with a lot of things. First, this race was for me. I had to do it at my pace (which I didn't do in July's 5K) and I had to focus on MY goals. I was not racing Carrie (my good friend who was also running this, but is a faster biker and runner than I am) or anybody else. For this first tri, I was just racing me. This week I ran, biked and swam and felt really confident going into today.

My goals for the race:

1. Finish it. As long as I completed it, I told myself I was not going to walk away disappointed.

2. Not be last.

3. Finish in under 2 hours. I was estimating 30 minutes for the swim, an hour for the bike, and 30 minutes for the run. There was part of me that thought I could do it in an hour and a half (15 min/50 min/20-30 min), but I didn't want to be disappointed, so I stuck with 2 hours.

Saturday morning was nerve racking! Got to Herb Parsons Lake around 5:30 am and got ourselves ready. Glad to have lots of time to get everything set.

And finally, I dove in (second from the left)!

About 12 minutes later I got out and was ready to bike:

One hour and three minutes into it, I rolled falls, but couldn't unclip my second foot when I was done, so I just unstrapped it and ran in! The bike ride felt really good and was a little faster than my normal 11 mile time.

At this point, I thought, maybe I can do this in 1:30! Even though this leg was where the tired feeling set in my 2 mile trail run/walk was enough. I did run the last 1/4 mile which was back out of the woods where everyone could see. And I made it!!

Don't let that time fool you. It was a staggered start. Ryan points out my actual chip time below:

That's 1:29:31 if you can't read it! And he's covering my friend Carrie's time right below mine. She did it in 1:26! I am so happy with how the whole thing went! And I learned a lot in the process. Things I chose not to worry about this time could earn me some time next race. Buying a tri-suit so I don't have to add clothes and can have a quicker transition for example. I will also do more endurance training. The run was when I really got tired. Carrie and I did one bike/run, but I will do more of those before I do this again.

Thanks for reading this and thanks to everyone who supported me through this!!


Sonya said...

Awesome accomplishment! I'm hoping to do my first mini tri next year. Thanks for the tip on the tri suit and bravo!!
- Sonya

Katy Tomasulo said...

I am SOOOOOOOOO proud of you!!! Can't even tell you how proud. Way to go, big sister!

Proud Papa said...

That's my usually accomplished what you set out to do......way to go!!!!

Mom said...

Really proud of you and how you got yourself physically AND mentally prepared. Nice going!!!!!!

Jeanne said...

That is fantastic, Amy! Way to go! And excellent mental goals as well as physical goals! :)