Thursday, July 07, 2011

More OC

Scott was very intent on getting Casey (his parent's dog) to the beach. Discovered that the national park onm Assateague Island had dog beaches, so we tried that yesterday.

Casey may need a little time to get used to the water:

We did play in the water and sand for a bit and flew a kite:

But, sadly it started raining not too long into our visit and we left. Did get to see the ponies on the way out, but because of the traffic, rain and my position in the back seat, this is the best shot I could get:

That night we had dinner out in Delaware on our way to a magic show! This guy was great! His show was all card tricks. Dad got called up to help with one, then Ryan did! Here's Ryan and Jon Armstrong (the magician) after the show:

And the card that Ryan (and two other audience members before him) had to sign:

This morning we did another of my favorite things to do in Ocean City: rode bikes on the boardwalk (good thing since we hauled the bikes all the way from Memphis!). Can you see Jillian in her seat up ahead?

After that, we had lunch at Mackey's:

And came home to give Jillian a nap. While she napped, Ryan and I went out to make a grandmother bracelet to Grammy and hit the Kite Loft to get Ryan his own kite.

We did the beach in the afternoon and tried it out:

Jillian says it's going to go up:

Sadly, the kite did not want to stay up:

So we went back to the boardwalk to exchange it and get some Fisher's popcorn and more Dumser's!

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