Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Joys of Summer: Swimming!

It was over to the Paulo's pool today for swimming with friends! I finally found Ryan's old swim vest to see if it would work for Jillian. She's been using an inner tube all summer and doing well with that, but I thought I'd feel more confident with her in the deep end in something that didn't require her to hold on to it.

On Tuesday, she tried it out the first time. It kind of flipped her over and she had to get the hang of controlling herself in it, but soon she was pointing to the deep end and the diving board. The first dozen or so times, she held my hand jumping off it, but you can see that today, she's Miss Independent:

How about a video?


Ryan's gotten stronger this summer too, swimming greater distances and starting to work on some strokes.

I couldn't get them to get together and smile, so this will have to do:

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