Monday, July 04, 2011

Fourth of July 5K

Both Scott & I have been running lately and I have run a few 5Ks in the last year. I thought it'd be fun to run one together. This trip seemed like a great chance, since mom & dad could keep an eye on the kids for us. When I mentioned it to my sister-in-laws, they thought my nephews (who are both training for their first high school soccer try-outs) might be interested. We even talked my brother-in-law into joining us!

Here we are in Dewey Beach this morning:

I had been running well lately, and was hoping for a 28 minute finish. I was figuring I could beat Scott (who I have been running faster than) and Mike (who is naturally athletic, but hadn't trained at all).

Well, I set out fast (turns out, too fast). Did an 8 1/2 minute first mile (not sure I've ever run a mile so fast) and got passed by both Mike and Scott and died on the last mile. Ended up with a time similar to many of my other 5K times which was a big disappointment for me and made me kind of re-evaluate how I am running.

On the flip side, I am so proud of everyone else who ran! My nephew Matt was 58 our of 785 runners and 10th for his age group (14-18...and he's at the low end of 14!). Alex finished second out of our group. Mike finished in about 29 minutes and Scott in his fastest 3 mile time ever!

It was nice to have the family at the finish line:

Here we are post race:

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