Monday, June 20, 2011

Day Three in San Diego: More Family and Mission Bay Park

On Monday, My cousin, his wife and their son, Logan (who is six weeks younger than Jillian), came down from LA to spend a few days with us. Once everyone was here, they took us to play at Mission Bay Park.

Yes, Jillian's sunglasses are on upside down. Even if you put them on her right side up, they end up this way!

Aunt Sandy brought some Dollar Store kites, which Ryan had no trouble putting up:

We think Gramps would be proud!

Scott worked hard:

Got some help from Jillian:

And from Aunt Sandy:

But still could not fly the kite. Kirk, Liz & Logan had similar troubles:

Although, it cannot be said that Logan didn't try:

Eventually, he and his mom gave up, in favor of sitting and watching the bay:

There was a lot of climbing at this park:

And some sliding:

But mostly, we just hung around:

Jillian drove Logan:

Logan drove Jillian:

Jillian rode the horsey:

Logan rode the horsey:

All in all, a fun afternoon!

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