Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day Four in San Diego: The Zoo and Uncle Kirk's Birthday!

Today was the day! The only thing I told Aunt Sandy we HAD to do while we were in San Diego was go to the zoo. I can't believe I've been here twice before and not been to the zoo! We were not disappointed!

Something I don't think I've ever seen in person before...peacocks roam the zoo and this one apparently needed to flex a little muscle at the condors in this exhibit:

In addition to the live animals (that you obviously cannot get close to), there were plenty of statues for photo ops:

We had a lot of fun with the Mastodon. And I am not trying to be trendy and do pictures in hipstamatic. I forgot to lower my ISO and it was BRIGHT outside. This is what I got when I edited my pictures and I kind of like the look:

All four great grandkids on a saber-tooth tiger:

Ryan and Scott rode the skyride and Jillian and I waited to spot them:

And here is what I came to see. There are four American zoos with pandas. We are lucky enough to have two at our zoo in Memphis. Two that we can go see anytime we want. Ryan and I have also seen the pandas at the National Zoo in Washington DC. Here, there was a line to see the two pandas who were awake and playing. I thought, 'I can see pandas anytime I want at home! I'm not waiting in a line!' But, I wanted it to be official that I have seen the pandas at all the American zoos, so Jillian and I found the mama panda who was taking it easy:

Only Atlanta to go!

We tried to get a family photo earlier in the day, but it didn't take, so we did this back at Aunt Sandy and Uncle Kirk's house. The Beatty's kind of jump out at you:

Then it was time to celebrate Uncle Kirk's 60th birthday!

We felt very lucky to be with him and his family to celebrate such a special day!

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