Friday, June 03, 2011

The Joys of Summer: The Memphis Zoo

After two days at the Y pool and a day at Miss Kelly's pool, Ryan told me this morning he did not want to go to the pool. I suggested the zoo instead.

We have let our membership lapse and haven't been since our ice skating trip at the end of January. And the lovely thing about the membership is that you can spend an hour or the day.

We started out in Cat Country where the meerkats were happy to pose:

Then onto the farm.

It's fun to watch Jillian explore now that she is getting a little bigger:

Checking out the new outdoor train:

Jillian and the "neighs":

And it wouldn't be a trip to the farm without sitting on the cow and climbing in the egg shell:

Inside where the train used to be is now an art exhibit with a rubbing station for the kids:

We walked through the Aquarium, then off to the pandas:

And the "Ooh-oohs":

At this point, Ryan decided we were done, so we headed back through Africa, saw the zebra and giraffes, and made one last stop at the birds:

Looking forward to many more trips to the zoo this summer (although, hopefully when it is cooler!).

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