Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Since Nanny and Gramps had a dentist appointment this morning, so we headed into Charlotte to check out someplace new. ImaginOn is a children's library/theater. They were having story time and I figured what the heck.

The story was more for Jillian's age, so Ryan went to explore the rest of the place.

They had some cool science displays (you could feel how much less power it took to light the CFL bulbs):

Jillian drove a trash/recycle truck:

And then buckled into a smart car:

While Ryan pumped gas:

If we lived close, this place would be so cool to visit often. And I hope we can someday come back for one of their children's shows.


Katy said...

She looks so teeny...even in a teeny Smart Car!

Abbie Johnson said...

I wonder if that's a traveling exhibit--it looks just like one that was at the magic house in stl last summer!