Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day Six in San Diego: Point Loma

Scott and I went to Point Loma when we visited San Diego in 1996, but I didn't know anything about the tidal pools. Aunt Sandy thought Ryan might enjoy it, but the truth is that we all did! Ryan was old enough that we didn't have to hold onto him, which made it easier to hang on to Jill. The drop offs at the water's edge were a little scary at times.

Looking for sea life:

Mostly crabs scurrying around and shellfish clinging to rocks:

Found a few hermit crabs:

And Jillian was willing to hold it for a second:

The grey didn't burn off until around 4 today, so it was a good day to be doing this. Ryan took this one for us:

The boys headed down to explore:

While Jilly and I took some self portraits:

Love the layered stone:

And the splashing waves:

Most of what we saw was just along the water's edge (they say the best time to comeis in winter at low tide, so we are a bit out of season), but we did find one true "pool" back in a little cave. In it we saw fish that were really well camouflaged.

Scott and Jill on the outer edge of the pool:

Ryan crawling through the cave:

Jillian working it:

Favorite family pictures:

We left the tidal pools and headed back up the hill to the original Point Loma lighthouse located in Cabrillo National Monument:

The lighthouse was closed for some reason when Scott and I were here in 1996, but this time it was open for us to walk through.

Jillian tells me that they are up there:

We could climb almost to the very top:

Close enough to get this shot of the light:

And at Cabrillo's actual monument, Ryan and Scott recreated a pose made famous by Scott and Aunt Sandy 15 years ago:

After this, we met Aunt Sandy, Sarah, Jason and Jacob for lunch at one of Sarah's favorite restaurants: The Corvette Diner. Great burgers, yummy milkshakes, and awesome music make for a fun lunch!

The sun came out later for us to walk to a park. Jillian and Jacob slid together today:

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