Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day Eight in San Diego: The Midway

Ryan started playing battleship this year and I thought it would be cool to show him what a real aircraft carrier was. Who better to ask than a retired naval commander (Uncle Kirk) to see if we could get aboard one. Turns out, anybody can get aboard the Midway, a retired aircraft carrier turned museum in San Diego's harbor.

We started our journey on the hanger deck:

And then journeyed into the ship. Uncle Kirk called these knee (or was it knee-cap) breakers. Apparently the sailors became very adept at running through the halls and hurdling these. Jillian had a little trouble:

She liked the bunks, though:

Uncle Kirk briefed us:

Doesn't Ryan look interested?

Scott and Jillian are ready for their dog fights!

Back on the hanger deck, there were lots of cockpits you could sit in:

Little boy, big ammunition:

Little girl, big stairwell/ladder:

And everyone got in the brig:

The kids worked hard on the ship:

And, finally, the flight deck:

Jillian drove some planes around:

She and Daddy checked out one helicopter:

And then another. This one was used to pick up capsules from the Apollo missions, including Apollo 13:

Too much excitement for little Jacob. He was a good sport to spend most of the day on the ship!

They take your picture on a green screen when you first get on. It's a nice momento:

Aunt Sandy got this one of us with the "island" in the background:

Scott and the USS Midway:

We had a fabulous lunch at the Fish Market afterwards and Aunt Sandy read to the kids:

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