Thursday, May 26, 2011

Program and Picnic Pictures

OK, for those who are curious, you run out of space at 1GB and it took me a little under 5 years to do it! For $5 per year, you can get 20GB of storage, which seems like a pretty good deal since it is backing up some of the most important pictures I have on Picasa. Cheaper than the iBackup I am about to get rid of!

So, Ryan's program. Here's the 4 and 5 ker's doign their "Home on the Range" production. Ryan's in the middle of the front row on the stage with the red bandana around his neck:

Jillian got dressed up for it too:

Then it was off to the playgroundin Arlington for lunch and some play time. The swing was a big hit:

We gave the teachers their end of year gifts, one of which was a digital album. I think they liked it. I loved watching them look through it with the students!

One last picture with Mrs. Benedetti and Mrs. Wagner:

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