Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not Exactly According to Plan

Our trip to Charlotte was good for so many reasons...Scott got to work at a few of his properties, we got to visit with his grandfather, we got to visit with my mom & dad, and then, Scott and I were supposed to have a few days away by ourselves which we haven't done since before Jillian was born.

Well, Scott got to work. We got to visit Pop-pop & Barbara. We had a great time with my parents. And then came some challenges.

First, my grandmother went into the hospital on Wednesday. There was no question that my mom would fly up immediately to be with her and we would forgo our couples getaway for a family weekend of exploring Hendersonville, NC. I went through some books and found what I thought would be some fun activities for all of us to do. And fortunately, my grandmother is doing much better!

Then, 20 minutes before reaching Hendersonville, at around 8 pm on Thursday night, our Odyssey with it's 188,000 miles lost power to the wheels. We pulled over, had a grand adventure (that's what I kept telling Ryan) of sitting on the grass on interstate 26, while we talked with AAA and tried to figure out what to do. A kind NC trooper pulled over and sat, lights flashing, behind us until the tow truck arrived.

But there were so many issues: the hitch and two bikes on the back, being over 500 miles from home, 4 of us to ride in the cab of a tow truck, a car that might need a new transmission. Ack!

Luckily, many things fell into place. The tow truck driver was so kind. He took us to the house we rented, let us unload, then took the car to the Honda dealer about 20 more minutes up the road. We had iphone service (in Ryan's rendition of the event, he made sure to draw us all with our iphones out) so we could find a dealer, communicate with AAA (who couldn't seem to figure out where we were), etc.

Here's my amazing husband, pulling the hitch with two bikes off the car as they tried to load it on the flat bed:

And that's the only photo I have of that whole event.

Another lucky break, we picked a house 1 mile from downtown, so we could still do something while in Hendersonville without a car. No rides down the Blue Ridge Parkway or hikes to waterfalls, but we got to explore downtown Hendersonville.

Back at the house, we chilled while Jillian took a nap, I read and Scott watched basketball. It was back out for dinner and when Ryan (who did NOT want to walk all the way back into town) asked for ice cream, we told him it could only be found downtown, and away we went for probably the most fun part of the trip.

Friday evening we learned that it was the transmission, and we decided not to get it fixed. We arranged to have it picked up for donation (Scott's brilliant idea! I mean, how would we get it back to Memphis?), and we rented a can to get home (we needed something big...we had the hitch and two bikes, after all).

Saturday morning, Scott took a cab to get the rental van, and the kids and I got a few pictures in:

When Scott got back, we loaded up the 2011 Toyota Sienna (nice to have a 500+ mile test drive on a car we are considering buying!) and headed back to our Odyssey to empty her out.

I am an emotional person, and it was kind of hard to leave her behind like this. I brough both my babies home from the hospital in this car. I have driven thousands of miles safely in this van. I was hoping to make it to 200,000 miles and was not ready to say good-bye yet, and definitely not like this. Not to mention, I don't want a new car payment. :(

Stay tuned to see what we get!

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