Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Mighty Mississippi

We made our way downtown for the Farmer's Market last Saturday:

And while we were there, we strolled down a few blocks to get a look at the Mighty Mississippi, set to crest next Tuesday:

It is flooding Riverside drive, Tom Lee Park, and Mud Island RiverPark, but for the most part, downtown sits up high and is not in any danger.

The same cannot be true for those north of town in Raleigh. The intersection of highway 51 and Watkins is closed and here are a few shots from near there:

This is the view into a storage facility that Scott's company used to manage. And this is the property next door:

Acorss the street, there is a moblie home park that is completely flooded. The waters of the Mississippi are keeping the tributaries from emptying and so they are backing up flooding these areas. Although we and most of Memphis are ok, there are many people displaced who need prayers!

Today, the kids and I went back downtown. This was the second highest crest on record (the highest back in 1937 flooded the city) and I want the kids to have pictures of themselves with it so someday, when it floods this high again, they can say they were there for this one! Funny thing is we weren't the only ones! Tons of people have been coming downtown to see the water. It was pretty crowded down there!

Mud Island RiverPark in the background of this one:

Beale Street is under water...but only the part down by the river:

We also drove over into Arkansas, where most of the waters have gone (and where they are supposed to go).

The water has come about 3 miles inland, covering fields up to the levee (seen on the very right of the picture):

The water is up to the bottom of the railroad tracks which normally run 10-12 feet over this field:

An unlucky RV just before we cross back to Tennessee:

View of downtown Memphis from the west:

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