Friday, May 13, 2011

Field Trip, Field Day and Summer Birthdays!

On Monday, Ryan's class went to the Children's Museum of Memphis. First they visited with "Stuffy"

Stuffy's organs come out so kids can learn about the human body. Ryan's classmates Anna Claire and Joshua got to help take out the small intestines!

Then it was on to stations. Roberto, Ryan and Abby listened to their hearts:

And put the organs in the right places on their bodies:

After Stuffy, we got to explore the rest of the museum. Some climbing:

Some water. This was cool so Ryan could see how flood waters rise in the flood plains:

There was a traveling "Wizard of Oz" exhibit. The Wizard:

And some Munchkins:

Today was Field Day at school. Beause of the rain, they did relays indoors. Waiting to start:

The obstacle course:

Bean Bag Toss:


Sack Race:

Dress Silly Relay:

Inner Tube Relay:

And they finished the event off with popsicles. That's Ryan and his good buddy Joshua:

Later, Ryan was one of two students in his class to celebrate his summer birthday, since they wouldn't be in school for it.

Ryan and Zach got their picture taken in the ice cream truck:

Then all the kindergarteners with summer birthdays got sang to:

And were the first to get their ice cream:

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