Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rising Waters

This has been a particularly rainy, stormy spring here in southwest Tennessee. You may have read about our fun in the tub. We did that a few more times, as well as fun in the hallway at our schools:

The only reason I took that shot is because we were so impressed that our students continued working on their Honors Precalculus while the tornado sirens were going off!

All the rain has lead to some swollen rivers. Right now, the Wolf River is threatening my school. This picture is taken on Houston Levee traveling north just north of my school. Normally, you cannot see the river at all as you drive over the bridge.

We got out of school early today because the water is starting to flood the parking lots at school, making it a bit unsafe for our student drivers. The Wolf is supposed to crest early tomorrow morning and I think our buildings will be ok, though I am taking everything out of the bottom drawers of my desk and getting boxes off the floors, because this is the view out my classroom window:

Here are our practice athletic fields (usually dry):

The Wolf flows through Shelby County to the Mississippi River. Here is where it moves into a large park called Shelby Farms. It is currently flooding the fields to the north of the river and the pathways to the south. The good part about all of this is that's what it's supposed to do! The water is going where everyone would like it to go, and avoiding the businesses that are right around it.

Closer to home, the Loosehatchie is also way over its banks. Across Old Brownsville and behind the next neighborhood is the Bartlett animal shelter which has been evacuated. The water has not reached the shelter yet, but it is getting close. Here's a picture of the dog park just next to the shelter:

Stay tuned...the Mississippi is supposed to crest May 10!

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