Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rain Barrel

I've wanted to get a rain barrel for awhile. So when Scott and I were heading downtown to the symphony the other night and we were driving past Whole Foods, I asked Scott to pull in and see if they had any. When they did, he nearly pushed me out of the car and said, "Go buy one!" He was tired of hearing me talk about it and not act!

So here is our new rain barel:

On our way home from church this morning, we passed a tire sitting on the side of the road. Scott though it would be perfect to elevate our rain barrel off the ground a bit, so we drove back and picked it up.

Does this picture remind you of the ones I used to take a long time ago for Ryan's "Photo of the day?" I used to stick him in with whatever I was talking a picture of, kind of like Jillian up there.

Scott did a great job getting it all hooked up! Bring on the rain!

And here's Ryan with a frog:

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