Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New Park at Shelby Farms

Tonight we squeezed in a trip to the new Shelby Farms playground. They had a special preview for Shelby Farms Conservancy members and it was awesome!!

We didn't check out the first "nest" because it was sand and water (not what I was ready for this evening).

The second "nest" was wide slides down into a recessed area in the ground.

The third "nest" was some unconventional swings:

They were all kind of dynamically connected, so if someone was on one, it madde you bounce even more. The kids loved them!

The metal stuctures you see behind the kids in a few of these are coverings for the pathways that connect and snake around the "nests." They should becovered with vines and greenery in 3 or so years.

The last "nest" was covered in locally recycled Nike soles! Jillian was picking it up like it was sand!

It was a huge web of nets that led up to various tree house platforms.

You could also climb up this way:

The only problem is that those were also the only ways down...no slide or anything, so I've decided Jillian isn't quite ready for climbing here yet. She can settle for some more of those swings:

Looking forward to visiting here often (and taking any visitors here, too!)!

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Crista said...

Catching up on the blog and loving the pics! We can't wait to join you at the playground!