Friday, April 15, 2011

Jillian's Gymnastics

Jillian and I have been going to a Mom & Tots gymnastics class at River City Gymnastics for a few weeks now. She is finally getting the hang of the routine there and starting to get into it.

They start by ruinning, hoppig, marching, and bear crawling back and forth down the mat:

Next, it's stretching, all done with songs and rhymes to make it fun.

Tickle your toes:

Bringing home my baby bumblebee (which she'll now do on her own sometimes):

Hi mom!

Butterfly, better hide!



Coach Kendall in the distance:

Attempting a bridge:

Next we do a bunch of obstacle course kind of things. First up is the caterpiller where they climb up and over a bunch of foam shapes.

Onto the balance beam which was an early favorite of hers:


Sopme of her friends waiting for the next station:

The very popular rings:

Moving across the uneven bars. She did NOT like this in the beginning and is getting where she can do it herself now.

Coach Kendall helps them hang from another set of bars.

And then it's the big balance beam!

Did I mention that she likes climbing?

Last actvity is jumping on the trampoline and into the foam pit:

She's skipping, but still not jumping yet. I am hopeful that this will help and she'll be jumping with two feet soon!

At the end of class, Coach Kendall gives everyone stamps. The very first class, Jillian saw all the kids going over and pulling up their pants legs to get stamped on their shins and she went right over! Loves her stamps!!

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Katy said...

So cute!!! What a great activity. And I love her hair like that. What a cutie patootie!