Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back to Hendersonville

We were headed back to Charlotte today, and since Scott was already there working with some of his properties, it was just me and the kids driving out. We weren't in a rush, so I thought I'd surprise Ryan and go to one of the places he really wanted to see when we were in Hendersonville a few weeks ago: a gem mine!

Okay, there was no mine. You pay for a bucket of sand...

...and get to sift through it to try and find gems. But the folks were really friendly and the kids had fun.

Jillian found some citrine (in her left hand):

They helped us classify the rocks afterwards. The ones I was most impressed with: two amethyst, a few small peridot, a small garnet, and maybe a small emerald!

After that, we took a drive out to "Jump Off Rock" which was something I had wanted to see. It wasn't too impressive.

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