Monday, March 28, 2011

Ryan Rocks as Star of the Week

It took all year, but Ryan was finally Star of the Week in his kindergarten class. He is the last one of the year!

First, he got to bring Snoopy home and document their adventures together. Snoopy picked a good weekend to come hom with us...we bought a new car! I am not sure Snoopy's licensed to drive this!

Snoopy and Ryan's favorite feature of the new van? The interior buttons to open and close the back doors (even though Snoopy can't reach them!):

Later, Snoopy helped Ryan and Scott with a wood project.

He mostly watched:

They built a birdhouse! Maybe Woodstock will move in!

They played out back some:

Finally, Snoopy helped Ryan create his Star of the Week poster:

Today, Scott, Jillian and I came in to eat lunch with Ryan and his classmates:

And read books to them:

We are so proud of our little star:

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