Thursday, February 24, 2011

How many Beatty's can you fit in a tub?

There was a threat of severe weather tonight. It happens a few times a year (although this feels early!). Since we've been here, we had Ryan in the tub once (the storms shifted, so Scott and I never joined him), and the other two times tornados came through, we were out driving (great, right?).

Tonight, Bartlett was in the line of the weather forecaster's track, so we started getting things together...helmets on, emergency kit in the bathroom, futon mattress in the hall. But at first there was nothing. Not even rain. I always feel really ominous, knowing that in 30 minutes or so, your whole life could change. Does that sound extreme? I guess I've ssen too many tornado images on TV.

Then the rain hit hard and for the first time in our almost 8 years in the south, Scott said everyone into the bathroom. I was shaking, but you've got to stay calm for the kids, right? So the kids and I were in the tub. Jillian had a lolli to occupy her. And we started playing "Party in the USA" on my iphone so we couldn't hear the wind and rain.

And in 10 minutes it was over. No tornados. Some shingles off of some houses. The canvas roof on Ryan's jungle gym torn, but that was it. Thank you God!

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