Thursday, February 17, 2011

Excercising with Jillian

When Monday is this pretty, how can you not go for a walk in the woods?

Before kids, I used to get up early (when I was off in the summer) and go for hikes or bike rides. Now I do it with Jillian:

We hiked the blue trail in Nesbitt Park (Stanky Creek) on Monday morning. She walked over a half mile in the beginning, before getting in the back pack (which I wasn't sure she'd use):

She got back out after the hilly section and got back in right before we got back to the car. I see more of these walks in our future!

Today, we tried a bike ride on the Greenline.

I just got new tires and the brakes adjusted and it made such a difference! Very smooth ride!

I haven't been on the Greenline since before the grand opening last year and they've now got more signage in terms of caution at road crossings and mile markers. There are also these interesting signs:

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