Saturday, February 26, 2011

Basketball Wrap Up

Ryan had his last game this morning. A few more pictures from his season...

Ryan, Michael , and Charlie (who all wore the number 55 for different teams!):

Michael, Max and Ryan:

Working on his dribble:

Ryan's team:

And his trophy:

Pee Pee on the Potty!

Someone went peepee on the potty today three times!!

Once, she even went in all by herself! Baby girl's growing up!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How many Beatty's can you fit in a tub?

There was a threat of severe weather tonight. It happens a few times a year (although this feels early!). Since we've been here, we had Ryan in the tub once (the storms shifted, so Scott and I never joined him), and the other two times tornados came through, we were out driving (great, right?).

Tonight, Bartlett was in the line of the weather forecaster's track, so we started getting things together...helmets on, emergency kit in the bathroom, futon mattress in the hall. But at first there was nothing. Not even rain. I always feel really ominous, knowing that in 30 minutes or so, your whole life could change. Does that sound extreme? I guess I've ssen too many tornado images on TV.

Then the rain hit hard and for the first time in our almost 8 years in the south, Scott said everyone into the bathroom. I was shaking, but you've got to stay calm for the kids, right? So the kids and I were in the tub. Jillian had a lolli to occupy her. And we started playing "Party in the USA" on my iphone so we couldn't hear the wind and rain.

And in 10 minutes it was over. No tornados. Some shingles off of some houses. The canvas roof on Ryan's jungle gym torn, but that was it. Thank you God!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy Saturday

I tried to keep the kiddos busy on this Saturday while Scott is still out of town. We started with a bike ride around Shelby Farms where we saw this:

Yay, Spring!

A little later we went to River City Gym for Ryan's friend Emily's birthday party. It was right at Jillian's naptime, so she sat quietly with me for most of it, but got onto the trampoline at the end. And LOVED it!

While the kids did the parachute:

After Jillian's late nap, we took a walk to give our friends something and ended up playing at another friend's house until dark.

Jillian got to bounce on their trampoline, too!

You've got to love impromptu gatherings at neighbors' homes!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Evenings after we get home are tough at my house. I try not to come in and turn on the TV right away. Everyone needs to get stuff unpacked and put away. Dinner needs to be made. Everyone's hungry, and we all want Daddy to get home!

Tonight, I was cooking dinner and it was quiet. Hmmm...I went to see and found this:
And this:


Excercising with Jillian

When Monday is this pretty, how can you not go for a walk in the woods?

Before kids, I used to get up early (when I was off in the summer) and go for hikes or bike rides. Now I do it with Jillian:

We hiked the blue trail in Nesbitt Park (Stanky Creek) on Monday morning. She walked over a half mile in the beginning, before getting in the back pack (which I wasn't sure she'd use):

She got back out after the hilly section and got back in right before we got back to the car. I see more of these walks in our future!

Today, we tried a bike ride on the Greenline.

I just got new tires and the brakes adjusted and it made such a difference! Very smooth ride!

I haven't been on the Greenline since before the grand opening last year and they've now got more signage in terms of caution at road crossings and mile markers. There are also these interesting signs:

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

This year, I started our annual scavenger hunt a little early. The first clue was in Ryan's lunch box, making for a very excited little boy when I picked him up afterschool! The second clue was in the car and the third was at Miss Kelly's house (Jillian's babysitter). So when we arrived home, it was on!

Do fish celebrate Valentine's Day? No, but they do have a clue!

Heading upstairs after another one:

Jillian found one!

Presents at the end!

Then it was Italian carryout on the good china for dinner and cupcakes (for the kids) and cannolis (for us) for dessert!

I love our Valentine's Day traditions!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Scott and Ryan made a set of stilts from the book Ryan got him for Christmas. They did an awesome job and now are wokring on learning how to use them.

Right now, Ryan needs a lot of help.

I told them to let me try, saying I had had a set similar to these when I was a kid. Scott got all set to help me like he was helping Ryan. I said I could do it and he was a little shocked at my "skill":

Love it that we still can surprise each other after all these years!

Saturday, February 05, 2011


I did this through YouTube and it was so much quicker (although still took 10 minutes or so) to load! Hope to share more videos this way! Love how all my different accounts like to share and play nice! :)