Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cute Jillian

Lately, when we leave the house, Jillian wants to bring about 4 or 5 things with her. On this day, she kept naming them all over and over, "book, wawa, baby, bus":

She does part of the tooth brushing process and this week I noticed she was doing it kind of right (as opposed to just sucking the toddler toothpaste off the brush):

She loves to go through my make up when I am getting ready in the morning; opening and closing everything. Today was her first time putting any on:

She usually sits on the counter while I make oatmeal for Ryan, her and I. Sometimes she gets started before I move her to her chair:

Copying a cute angle taken by a blogger I follow:

And as long as I'm playing photo shoot, let's try this angle:

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