Thursday, December 23, 2010

Zoo Lights

We missed Zoo Boo this year, but made it to Zoo Lights. We met our friends Jennifer, William and Kate and had a great evening!

A lot of the good stuff is now down in Teton Trek and the Northwest Passage, but we started at the farm so we could see the reindeer:

Kate, Ryan, and Jillian:

Train ride:

And then it was on to Teton Trek where everyone but Jillian hopped into the sleigh:

Santa was over in the Polar Bear pavilion.

Kate went first:

Then Ryan:

This was a great Santa! He asked and answered questions (including playing along when Ryan told him he was taking good care of Ozzie!) with a great deal of sincerity.
I tortured Jillian a little, trying to get her to say hi to Santa:

She warmed up to him when he offered her a candy cane:

She loves candy canes!

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