Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Ozzie's been up to...

Ozzie's been busy at our house!

He went fishing in Ryan's goldfish tank (someone said I should have served fish sticks for dinner that night!):

After going to school with Ryan, Ozzie brought out all Ryan and Jillian's stuffed animals and played school:

Ryan asked Ozzie for a little notebook. Ozzie brought him one (don't know when he finds the time to go shopping!) and filled a second one up with his name!

We had forgotten how much elves love chocolate chips. We left these on the counter as part of our plan to start baking soon. Someone dove right in!

He had a tea party with Maxine the Reindeer and Jillian's tea set:

Went sailing rowing in our bath tub:

The night after Scott's company's family Christmas party at a bowling alley, Ozzie decided to bowl, too!

Ozzie brought my bike in and took Santa for a few laps around the kitchen and living room. He was very safe, using a little container for his own noggin and giving Santa Jillian's helmet:

And last night, he held a concert right in our living room (can't believe we didn't wake up!):

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