Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ozzie's Antics

So far, Ozzie hasn't caused too much chaos in our home. He seems to be content to check out all of Ryan's toys. He got into his art cabinet and colored a nice picture of Santa (must be a little homesick):

He replaced the batteries in Ryan's Lite Brite and left him a message (good thing Mama just bought new C batteries!):

He dragged out Ryan's box of dress up clothes, went through them all, and settled on dressing as Captain Hook:

This morning, he was found beating Santa and the reindeer at Sorry:

Poor Santa is losing and the reindeer is about to take him out again (notice what number he drew in the previous picture):

1 comment:

Aunt Sandy said...

I love following the adventures of Ozzie the Elf! I love your creativity! Pass your energy my way would you please!! xxoo :)