Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post of 2010 (aka New Year's Eve!!)

Our annual Christmas party with our college friends became a New Year's Eve shin-dig this year. We partied with two newbies: Ezra:

and Nolan:

But all the older ones were still here, too:

There was a great deal of dancing:

The young ones rang in an British New Year so they could go to bed at a decent time (and so their parents could have a little bit of quiet time together!). Ryan was ready with his sparkling grape juice:

Deb and Jason brought a box full of balloons and confetti to drop on the kids:

And finally it was time!

Can you tell what Shelby, Harper and Ryan are trying to do?


Jason, who is a college science professor, brought some of his "magic" tricks to amuse the kids. Ryan pulled the cloth out from under the cup:

Then he made the ketchup packet in side this bottle go up and down:

Then it was Mark's turn to amuse the kids. It was really quiet upstairs and when we went to check, the kids were helping Mark with a driving game. Zoe was steering, Ryan was braking, and Ketzel was accelerating:
Then he read them a bedtime story:

And they had a slumber party!

The grown ups enjoyed the quiet time after the ids went to bed and rang in the east coast New Year (although we stayed up for Memphis's New Year, too!) together!

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Katy said...

The pic of the 4 kids all sleeping in the same room is adorable!!