Friday, December 24, 2010

Final Ozzie Update

That sneaky elf! Aunt Katy arrived in town and she had the good sense to lock her door, so when Ozzie struck, he couldn't get her. Here's where Ryan found him. Can you see what he's holding?

Here's his mischief:

He got Ryan, Jillian, and I with mustaches!!

The day after we returned from Nashville, we found some new holiday decorations:

But it seems Ozzie got a bit caught up in them:

Christmas Eve morning, we found this:

Ozzie decorated the tree with underwear again this year, but he got some of everyone's (including Jillian's diapers!). BTW, don't ever tell Ryan you saw this picture...he is going through a phase of not wanting anyone to see his underwear, and didn't want me to post this picture.
Ozzie brought presents this morning:

and the kids enjoyed opening their new Christmas pj's!

Tonight, Ryan got Ozzie ready for his journey back to the North Pole with Santa. He packed Ozzie's crackers in a baggie and gave him a bottle of water. He also gave him a present he bought (with his ownmoney!). Can you read the note? It says, "This is for Ozzie. I love you Ozzie. Ryan"
That night before bed, my sweet boy was pretty emotional because Ozzie was leaving and he wouldn't be back for a year. Santa decided Ryan could keep the little stuffed reindeer to remember Ozzie until he returns.
Tune in next year for more holiday antics!

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